Trayer offers a wide selection of medium voltage switchgear

Ultra-Reliable, High-Quality, Low Maintenance, Stainless-Steel Medium Voltage Switchgear.


Submersible Switchgear

Fully Customizable VFI & Switch Model

Corrosion Resistent 304 Stainless Steel

Designed For High Reliability


Switchgear Automation

SCADA / Microgrid / Smartgrid

High Speed Auto-Transfer System

Submersible Control & Relay Integration

Solid Dielectric Switchgear

Form Fit Function Alternative

Submersible and Padmount Designs

20kA Symmetrical Fault Current

Padmount Switchgear

Fully Sealed, Welded Seam Construction

VFI or Fused Models
Corrosion Resistant

Compatible With Most Relays

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