Solid Dielectric Submersible Switchgear

Trayer 100 Series - Insulated Vacuum Switchgear
SD100 Series
Vacuum Switchgear
Trayer 3100 Series - Insulated Vacuum Fault Interrupter
SD3100 Series
Vacuum Fault Interrupter

Solid Dielectric Padmount Switchgear

Trayer 800 Series - Insulated Vacuum Load Break Switch
SD800 Series
Vacuum Load Break Switch
Trayer 3800 Series - Insulated Vacuum Fault Interrupter
SD3800 Series
Vacuum Fault Interrupter

Trayer Solid Dielectric Switchgear is a form fit function substitute for existing Trayer products and is an excellent alternative for applications where liquid or gas insulation is not preferred. Trayer Solid Switchgear utilizes the same proven vacuum technology (all high voltage operations occur in a vacuum contact bottle) backed by over 50 years of industry leading quality and performance with the convenience of cycloaliphatic solid polymer insulation of the active switching components. 

Trayer Solid features:

  • 15kV and 25kV 60Hz class three-phase gang-operated submersible vacuum load interrupting switchgear assembly with continuous rating of 630 Amps for use in alternating current distribution systems
  • Unit includes a sealed port, pressure gauge for the visual indication of tank sealing integrity.
  • Manual or Remote Operation; Motor Operator Option
  • Industry’s smallest footprint solid dielectric load interrupting switchgear
  • Time proven over toggle drive mechanism for added safety

Solid Dielectric Submersible March 9, 2017

Solid Dielectric Padmount March 9, 2017