Submersible And Vaultmount Automation - Automatic Transfer Systems And Scada SwitchgearTrayer has been manufacturing Submersible and Vaultmount equipment since 1970. The first Trayer submersible Motopak was developed in 1971 and is still in operation today. Trayer manufactured designs are built with 304 stainless steel, eliminating the rusting and maintenance painting that is typical with alternative equipment.
Trayer Submersible and Vaultmount Automation Features include:

  • Trayer round submersible switchgear, stand and motor packs can be disassembled and passed through round manhole openings and reconstructed inside the vault.
  • Multiple stand options available including skyward bushings position that allow the switch to be rotated with the bushings parallel to the ground.
  • Trayer rugged motor operators, Submersible Motopaks, are built to survive the harshest environments.
  • Trayer submersible and vaultmount Automation Equipment is available with either submersible control cabinets or pedestal type Padmounted control cabinets with provisions for submersible connections.
  • Hot dipped galvanized and stainless steel stands available.
Submersible Manhole Application Switchgear
Submersible Switchgear for Vault Applications
Vaultmount Switchgear for Wet Applications
Vault3Dry Vault SCADA Application with Seismic Rated Stand Vault5
SF6 Insulated Submersible Smart Grid Switchgear
Vault610 cycle – Submersible Automatic Transfer Switchgear